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Testamentary & Other

While most of the calculation requests are for life/remainder or inadequate testator's maintenance matters, NetActuary undertakes a very wide variety of calculation tasks. Consequently, if you have a matter that is not listed on our website, please contact us to discuss.

Life Interests

Our calculation of the value of a life and remainder interest report explains in some depth about the factors that affect the calculations. Trend improvement of mortality is incorporated.

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Family Provision Claim

We can quantify what is adequate provision by taking into account a claimant's current financial position, future needs, and Age Pension. This will enhance the probability of a successful outcome.

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Other Valuations

Overseas pensions have different tax ramifications to Australian superannuation entitlements. NetActuary has extensive experience on how theses assets can be incorporated into settlements. We undertake many other types of calculations.

Fees and Tech Notes

♦ Life and Reversionary Interests. $330
♦ Testator's Maintenance Matter. $374

The above fees are all inclusive of GST.

This tech note considers some of the factors and other aspects that need to be taken into account when quantifying the level of support needed from the Estate.

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With life and remainder interests the circumstances of individual matter needs to be taken into account. For example, if the remainder interests wish to pay out the life interest they may need to offer a bit more than average value to recognise that there is a mortality risk trasnfer to the life interest. A best estimate has a 50% change for the life interest running out of money - something that is not a risk in payments for life. Tax ramifications can also be complex.

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