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Age Pension Amount  

How Much Age Pension (per fortnight)

The maximum pension payable including pension and clean energy supplement (exclude $14.10 pf single and $21.20 pf couple combined for new Age Pensioners since 20 September 2016) is:

DateSingle Couple
both eligible
one eligible
illness separated
20/3/20231064.001604.00802.001064.00 each
20/9/20221026.501547.60773.801026.50 each
20/3/2022987.601488.80744.40987.60 each
20/9/2021967.501458.60729.30967.50 each
20/3/2021952.701436.20718.10952.70 each
20/9/2020944.301423.60711.80944.30 each
20/3/2020944.301423.60711.80944.30 each
20/9/2019933.401407.00703.50933.40 each
20/3/2019926.201396.20698.10926.20 each
includes a pension supplement (Tel, Utilities and Pharmaceutical Allowance) of:
20/3/202378.40118.2059.1078.40 each
20/9/202275.60114.0057.0075.60 each
20/3/202272.70109.6054.8072.70 each
20/9/202171.20107.4053.7071.20 each
20/3/202170.30106.0053.0070.30 each
20/9/202069.60105.0052.5069.60 each
20/3/202069.60105.0052.5069.60 each
20/9/201968.90103.8051.9068.90 each
20/3/201968.50103.2051.6068.50 each
includes (if eligible) clean energy supplement of:
Subsequently14.1021.2010.6014.10 each
20/3/201714.1021.2010.6014.10 each
20/9/201614.1021.2010.6014.10 each
20/3/201614.1021.2010.6014.10 each
20/9/201514.1021.2010.6014.10 each
20/3/201514.1021.2010.6014.10 each
20/9/201414.1021.2010.6014.10 each


The pension payable is the lower from the income and assets test. Age Pension adjusted twice a year in line with the highest of Consumer Price Index, Male Average Weekly Total Earnings and Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index increases. The Energy Supplement (formerly Clean Energy Supplement) will have the rate of payment as of 30 June 2014 fixed for future payments and not be available from 20 March 2017 for those commencing an Age Pension on or after 20 September 2016.

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