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Family Law Superannuation Values

Calculating the prescribed Family Law value of superannuation entitlements for inclusion in matrimonial property pools is an area of interest to NetActuary. Some funds supply the value (e.g. ESSSuper) but many don’t (e.g. CSS, PSS, DFRDB, Military Super). Please always feel most welcome to forward potential matters so we can clarify without cost or obligation whether a valuation is needed or not.


We try to make obtaining family law superannuation values as convenient as possible. Our standard turnaround is 2 working days – for urgent ones we can make that 2 hours. Ideally a Form 6 Superannuation Information from the scheme is all we need – it has comprehensive information. But again, if you are caught out time wise for say a client conference, it is often possible to work from a member statement or pension payment statement plus a date of birth. For military funds it is also important to know whether the person was an officer or other ranks.

NetActuary also makes our fees as simple as possible. Our standard $385 (inclusive of gst) fee covers as many fund valuations for a matrimonial property settlement purposes that you may need for a particular matter. This may be multiple defined benefit funds for each spouse at multiple dates. All of these valuations are covered by the standard fee. More than that we will do reduced fees and even pro bono cases – no need to ask – we follow what you need. The aim is simple – an emphasis on being a useful support service over the years for your firm – not a narrow focus on the commercial aspects of a single case. A swings and roundabouts approach works! For joint instructions the fee can be split into two invoices.

Please never hesitate to call Brian on 03-9028 5002 to chat about any aspect. I would value helping with any Family Law superannuation valuations needed.

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