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Calculator Features

This Microsoft Excel calculator evaluates (for a retiree couple) whether their desired retirement income is sustainable. It:

  • takes varying Age Pension entitlements over the years into account;
  • provides for different levels of preferred adequacy;
  • caters for old "deductible" ABPs; new "deemed" ABPs; Accumulation Accounts; Non-Super financial and personal assets;
  • can show the results in nominal dollars or constant purchasing power dollars;
  • shows the effect of delaying retirement;
  • allows all calcualtions in the workbook to be viewed/modified;
  • can have a reversionary stepdown on first death; and
  • allows control over all assumptions and earnings rates and the provision for different drawdown strategies.

Besides checking when the monies will be exhausted, the calculator can also be used to set the level of drawdowns.

Help and Support

This calculator should cover the vast majority of post retirement client situations. However, if you have something unusual (e.g. a pension paid directly from the UK) do contact us and we will show how the calculator can be customised. The same support applies for any running Excel challenges you may have. One thing to watch out for is that "macros" are enabled. This support is free with the calculator download for the first client. The calculator can be used many times over. Subsequent support is available for other clients at a fixed $110 inclusive of gst fee - irrespective of how complex the matter.

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