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  I acknowledge that as a condition of use the responsibility to check the appropriateness and accuracy of output remains with me. I also note that no calculator promotes any specific financial product and I can alter the assumptions. Since the purpose of these calculators is to assist licensed financial planners, they are of limited use to individuals and it is strongly recommended that such people seek appropriate financial planning advice.          

Purpose of the Toolkit

This Free To Use Toolkit contains a variety of calculators that will assist financial planners in answering many of the questions that a client may have, both pre and post retirement. These include a Survivorship Duration calculator; Target Retirement Assets calculator and an Assets Exhausted projection.

We are working on a major application. The emphasis is a whole of life focus of aims, dreams and aspirations - they can range from childrens education costs, paying off a mortgage to funding leisure and travel. The calculations support how to achieve these objectives. The data is tightly controlled and is saved and loaded from the planner's computer, not an external database. It allows cut and paste into a variety of developed reports/SOAs, with nominal and inflation adjusted presentation.


Support Pack

A support pack with detailed information and worked examples will be developed. Some aspects will be published as blog items also. Please note that there is also a reference area to this website.


Life Goals Application

A beta version of this application is currently being loaded and tested. For more information please email Brian.

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A voucher purchase facility at a modest cost will be added once the production version is released.

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