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Seniors Health Card  

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

The CSHC entitles seniors to lower cost health services and pharmaceutical prescriptions. It is available to seniors who have reached Age Pension age, meet an income test and fulfill residency requirements.

Date Single Couple Couple
illness separated
20/9/2021$57,761 p.a.$92,416 p.a.$115,522 p.a.
20/9/2020$55,808 p.a.$89,290 p.a.$111,616 p.a.
20/9/2019$55,808 p.a.$89,290 p.a.$111,616 p.a.
20/9/2018$54,929 p.a.$87,884 p.a.$109,858 p.a.
20/9/2017$53,799 p.a.$86,076 p.a.$107,598 p.a.
20/9/2016$52,796 p.a.$84,472 p.a.$105,592 p.a.
20/9/2015$52,273 p.a.$83,636 p.a.$104,546 p.a.
20/9/2014$51,500 p.a.$82,400 p.a.$103,000 p.a.

Since 20 September 2015 the CSHC holders only receive the Energy Supplement.

It was announced in the May 2014 Federal Budget that the income limits for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card will be indexed by CPI and that untaxed income will be included in the eligibility assessment from 1 January 2015. All superannuation account based income streams held by CSHC holders before 1 January 2015 will be grandfathered under existing rules and not counted.


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