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Economic Loss Claims

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Economic Loss Claims

Since these claims are governed by State legislation, different discount rates and common law access provisions apply. Whilst we have data forms for standard workplace and transport accident claims on a fixed known fee basis, we also help quantify a myriad of other circumstances.

Workers Compensation

Workplace accident common law access, rates of discount; domestic assistance claims, monetary limits etc also can vary between states. A Fox v Wood claim calculations is also often needed.

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Motor Accidents

Factors such as injury serverity, impact on work capability, medical expenses, future care needs, loss of earnings, contributory negligence, legislative limitations etc all impact the quantification of the damages.

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Civil Liabilities

There are many types of personal injury claims besides transport and workplace injuries. These range from injuries from slips and falls to negligent financial advice. In the medical negligence claims a lot are misdiagnose of cancer and pregnancy / birth injuries.

Child Abuse Claims

The National Redress Scheme is not always the most suitable option for an abuse survivor's claim. Changes to the various State statue of limitations legislation means a civil claim for compensation can be considered.

Actuarial Factors

A full projection can allow for future legislated tax changes, increased in superannuation guarantee levy rates etc.


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A number of Tech Notes dealing with computational aspects in various legislation will be loaaded in due course.

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