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About Us  

About NetActuary

NetActuary is consulting actuarial consulting firm supplying services to administrators, advisers, accountants and lawyers. Our focus is on retirement and superannuation related matters.

We are totally independent of any financial organisation. To ensure that there is no potential conflict of interest we work exclusively on a fee for service basis. You are guaranteed unbiased advice and solutions.

We believe passionately in innovation and technology to facilitate optimum outcomes.

Brian Bendzulla

B.Sc. UED FIAA - Consulting Actuary

Brian Bendzulla

Brian has more than 25 years experience as a consulting actuary in Australia, South Africa and the UK and has a focus on retirement related tasks. Past experience includes being a SMSF Association specialist superannuation adviser, a financial adviser and tax (financial) agent.

Donna Griffiths

Financial Controller - Office Manager

Donna Griffiths

Donna enjoys the accounting and support functions that her role entails. She has worked with Brian for in excess of three decades. Often she will be the first point of contact via telephone so feel free to discuss anything from accounts receivable to the weather!

Professional Body


Brian is a Fellow of the Actuaries Institute of Australia.

Actuaries assist with forcasting, assessing, advising and planning for future risks.

Contact Details

3/19a Hunter Street
PO Box 750
Tel: (03) 9028 5002
Website: netactuary.com.au


Time Differences

We live in a world where (delightfully!) geography is becoming irrelevant. Office functions and data storage is all online. Communications are equally simple in the digital world. We are happy to set up Skype meetings to anywhere in the world including outside of normal Australian business hours

Worldwide Partners


Lane, Clark & Peacock have offices in London, Winchester, Ireland and The Netherlands

LCP is also part the MGAC global network.
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